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Shape-changing UI Wearable Robot MR Haptics AHs 2023
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A Mountable Hand-shaped Interface for Versatile Interactions

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About #

We introduce “TOMURA”, a mountable hand-shaped interface for conducting a wide range of interactions by leveraging the versatility of the human hand. TOMURA stands for Tele-Operable MoUntable Robotic hAnd.

TOMURA can be mounted in any number of locations and orientations on the body and environment. By combining freedom in mounting with the versatile expressivity of the human hand, TOMURA enables interactions that integrate elements of shape-changing interfaces and wearable robots.

We illustrated TOMURA’s design space and demonstrated the feasibility of our concept by implementing a prototype and employing it in several application scenarios.

TOMURA can be worn to the wrist to assist in grasping and to enable haptic interactions with a remote operator. TOMURA faces one’s palm, allowing a robotic finger to touch the fingers, simulating the touch of a virtual object.

By placing TOMURA on the desk, it can be used as a physical avatar representing a remote user’s hand during a video meeting. TOMURA can be used as an adaptive desk stand to hold a wide range of objects.


Publications #

  • Shigeo Yoshida, Tomoya Sasaki, Zendai Kashino, and Masahiko Inami. 2023. TOMURA: A Mountable Hand-shaped Interface for Versatile Interactions. In Augmented Humans Conference (AHs ’23), March 12–14, 2023, Glasgow, United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 12 pages. (The first three authors contributed equally to this work.)
Awards and Honors>

Awards and Honors #

  • Augmented Humans Conference 2023 Best Paper Award, 14 Mar. 2023.

Contributors #

*Contributed equally


Acknowledgements #

This project is supported by JST ERATO JIZAI BODY Project (JPM- JER1701), Japan. We thank Yuuichi Oosawa for his help in shooting the video and making the prototype. We also thank Reo Matsumura and the members of Information Somatics Laboratory for their help.

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