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Toy Design Wearable Robot 2022
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Playful Body Parts that Can be Freely Attached to Human Body and Everyday Environment

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About #

“Jizai Face” is a set of artificial body parts. The toy-like eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, and ear can be attached all over the place to exist as extensions or alternatives for one’s own body in this world.

The “JIZAI Eye”, equipped with a wireless camera, has an outstanding presence, with eyelids that flutter open and close. Namely, it is a device that can increase the number of its own eyes.

The “JIZAI Mouse,” with a built-in wireless speaker, is also equipped with a lip-opening/closing function. It speaks in place of your mouth.

If you attach them to your body, you can become a “monster” with many facial parts. If you attach it to someone’s body, you can create an experience as if you are possessed by that person. If you attach it to furniture or appliances, you can arrange things as if they were living creatures. The applications of JIZAI Face are limitless. Through this device, which embodies the metaphor of face parts that everyone has, we can glimpse a world where anyone, young or old, male or female, can acquire any body part at will.

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Awards and Honors #